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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Fake Accounts Scheme: JIE results can be trusted very large

Islamabad: Fälschungsaccounts of commonly recognized Steam have a legal recommendation and around 172 institutions around the court against some 415 key, which allegedly transit around around 220 billion through which 104 and fake accounts markets.

During the JIT procedure race, investigators 620 people are giving the final Fonktionnäre offer finalized with a JIT report, after the 9th September, 2018 curriculum, and that approximately 7 with more than 10 volume Were available from 500 pages. In the report on Wednesday, ultimately the details of more than 70 keywords and their property start profiles abroad. The sealed report was made on Monday by the Supreme Court (December 24).

JIT and its report Villamil's results in four parts have been almost completed by the Scisson analysis of false accounts - the Pakistan Security Exchange Commission (SECP) records of organizations and people from Pakistan's President (SICP) The SBP) Bundesamt (FBR) and intelligence agencies of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), have submitted all the contracts available from Sindh Government to the questions of partially recorded queries that are not yet under Legual Legal Assistance. Potential and further investigations are needed for information on source reports.

The biggest part of the information, Fake Account Saga, the commitments of JIT's duties, which have been acknowledged for different features in former Brussels and Paris for the owner of former President Asif Ali Zardari except "12-3 Blvd" Nieuport, 1000 Brussels CHAUSSEE DE MONTAIN, 1670 BRUSSEL AND LA MANOIR DE LA REINE BLANKS AND FEATURES. "

JIT 620 witnesses, indicating where 470 witnesses and their statements have directly revealed or through their recovery of the resources, the sources have revealed. Some complains or response to IIT notifications in order to be abroad or abroad. FBR, SECP, SBP, Sindh government and NAB won records of 210 organizations / companies recorded in 75 meetings by supporting over 230 Regierungsbeamten.

The jet has also investigated about 20,000 transactions. Former president Asif Ali Zardari has nominated members of Sindh Assembly Faryal Talpur, President of PPP, Bossu Bhutto Zardari, Mustafa Memon, Navy Zain Malik, Abdul Ghani Majeed, Masood Aslam, Anwar Mujahid, Col. (Asad) Zaidi, Ghulam Qadir Marri and Ashraf D Baloch were formed by the GIT, who write their statements with a report.

Geschäftsvolumina of Zardari Group Private Limited, Omni Group has provided an International, M / s Navy Town Karachi, M / S Iqbal Metals Kingerete Project Management Pvt Ltd, Lucky International Ltd. and other prominent Administrators Sindh Active Report. A volume on the basis.

The FBR has occurred about NAB, FIA, Nadra, State Bank, SECP and all related records, but the JIT report government has still said that Sindh has all completed in Ofdreiwungen.

JIT Volume IV also volume Rs4.14 million, 29 June 2015 belonging to a fake account M / s's Bilawal House's M / s Logistic Trading 'Daily' restaurant for food sector. The report also paid $ 1.54 million for Gewässervlamm on April 20, 2015 D-30, block 3, a fake account of Cliffton M / s Royal International, located in Karachi after a family located in Privatbank.

In the report it also explained that Zardari Group Private Limited, a Privatbank in Karachi, maintained a sum by 'M / s Lucky International account' 12120-311714135-339 '.

JIT and recommendations suggested that equity equations with some JIT key beschloe, as well as assets binding for abroad.

The JIT allegedly investigated that the Bank Court NAB, the FIA ​​court was based on the results of the DIIT, whether it was said or not. In the JIT report, in a series of events in the wrong investigations, the Zardari's house was also signed by a bill of 8.1 billion a huge desire and its fake accounts. Mushtaq Ahmed, 37, was known as one of the members of the former staff of Former President Zardari who has 2014-15 expertise in pushing the state with Zen country through a common fake account in Privatbank in Karachi.

Directorate General (Akhtarak Crime) Ahsan Sadeq as Director General and started research, where F. F. Senior Officer Imran Latif Mawasas, State Bank Majid Hussain, Director NAB Nauman Aslam, Director, Special Division, SEC in directors P. Muhammad Afzal and Intelligence Intelligence (ISI) Brigadier Shahid Parvez were after the investigation.

Summit Bank Chairman Nasir Abdullah Lootah Ansari Sugar Mills Private Limited (Anwar Mujahid, Ali Kamal Majeed), Omni Polymer Packages Pvt Ltd, Pure Ethnol Pvt Ltd, Chamber of Chamber

US Representatives Visit Afghanistan With Taliban Talks To Talk With Afghanistan

This week's Taliban representatives, accompanied by Abu Dhabi, held a US summit in Afghanistan's central peace in central Africa.

An Afghan born American ambassador Zalmai Khalzad, in Kabul, has started a comment on maintaining a 17-year war on Washington for negotiations between the Taliban and the Afghan government.

A statement from the US Embassy in Kabul said Khalilzad went to President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah.

US authorities have now emphasized assemblies in Abu Arabi, officials of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Pakistan.

But the Taliban say, the two-day talks focus on the entry of foreign troops, the main requirement of movement, as well as the treatment of citizens and drug citizens of the Taliban.

Washington wants to remember that all security solutions have been agreed between the warriors of Afghanistan, but the Taliban have not yet spoken directly to the Afghan government that they are in a position of incredible foreign behavior.

US organizations are trying to convince the countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to start the Taliban to accept direct talks. Khalilzad is the head of Pakistan Pakistan on weekends before visiting Kabul.

Law prices are about privacy on Facebook

Facebook posted on daily because it was against the case against privacy violations, data related to the Donald Trop 2016 campaign, and how a new report shows That more data partner as well recognized.

Under the social network weight, the fast-by-side shares of 7.25 percent has been $ 133.24, and is also the following.

The Washington Attorney's Attorney General's complaint is probably the first part of an American American cemetery, which is the result of the kidnapping of the world's largest social network for data.

"Facebook did not protect the privacy of its customers and wrote that their data is accessible and how it was used." General Rassen Rosson said in a statement.

"Like a Facebook Camera Analysis, applications for companies and other third-party applications apply for personal data without the permission of the department are a risk of a hype."

The entire house in the Supreme Court in Washington, apologized to ensure that Facebook uses consumer protection to use user data and makes it easier to access users' confidentiality. Control Consumer Maintenance

Facebook has said that they will review the complaint and discuss the dialogue with the OOC and the Director General for the DC.

The social network has assured that 8 million users have taken data from the Cambridge analysis, in which the news was completed weeks after the use of private users.

Assistant Broble, who works on the Trap's presidential campaign, said that the Facebook data used to develop consumer profiles is targeted with personal messages that have killed their fears.

Scandal has made a series of investigations and emphasized on Facebook how to use data with third parties.

Sharing with 150 partners
The New York Times reported that with strong partners like 150 companies - such as Amazon, Microsoft, Networks and Spotify - can find detailed information about Facebook users, such as their friends.

According to the documents seen by Times, Facebook Bing Bing has the ability to read micro-message Microsoft has allowed users to designate nominated and Netflix and Spotify without interruption.

The report states that Amazon can inform users' use of contact through their friends, and can see electricity from Yahoo friend banners.

Though some stores initially had returned in 2010, Times said they were active in 2017- and nothing was available this year too.

On Wednesday, Facebook went back against the franchise so that select partners should be asked carefully to find out deals for finding characteristics like friends to hear Spotify or Netflix.

"Last day, we have accused people of knowing our partners for private people," said Facebook's Vice President Product Executive Amirbabong in a blog post.

"This is not true."

Apps are used for proper technical access to publish files and money such as files and money.

"Why read / read / write / delete?" Arckbong has asked the statements.

"It was its feature."

Experiment votes were usually discussed and available only when people use Facebook on their social network.

Arcbone said "The third party has read your private message or has written your friends without your permission".

The head of Facebook developer platforms and programs, Constantinople Populates, has indicated that more features have now gone.

Netflix reads the Spotify message
Netflix said that this feature is used to make streaming movies "more social", to facilitate user recommendations for friends, but lost in 2015.

"There is no moment, we've closed people on Facebook on private calls or need us," a statement said.

Spateet responded with the music service as well "" Users can not read private messages in our current integration privately. "

Reference to the New York Times, the Canadian Bank's RBC said, "The issue with Facebook was limited to" service development, which enables customers to facilitate transactions for their Facebook friends ", and They will be in 2015. what happened

Gasps, gauge and cabbage: Q & A look

Russian President Vladimir Putin held the 14th press conference on the end of the century with the power of the century.

Big changes, Marathon Fro-a-Answer Sessions have made fair share of incredible moments in these years.

Here's the look at AFP comedy and drama.

The tragic problems of the poster conferences are still difficult to find a "fun".

Seeds are generally incredible and humble, as it announced that in 2017 they announced Russia's monitoring of military production.

A boy receives his military father, his knife is closed for monitoring. Dad says "yes, it's a good surveillance". "And when the rescuer is coming tomorrow, take the whole family and control your elder sister, you can go out and say - it's time for Moscow ..." "

Perhaps 2013 will be a dramatic press conference period after the end of 2013, when Putin has confirmed the explosion of a group of journalists that he will punish Prosecutor Evaluation Mikhail Khadokovskiy.

"He was imprisoned for more than ten years," he said as the richest person from Russia, as long as he does not suffer from Crete's fate.

At the press conference, many journalists will start making banners for Putin, although questions from Krystalline will be sent already.

An unchanged exchange between President and Journalists came in 2012, when Putin is a journalist when he is faced with corruption, to know as "you".

"Visa Viva," she asked with her family name - as "Don" equivalent to the American President. This moment was a memon soon.

The annual media conference has focused more on the shadow of the shadow.

Longest in 2008, Putin addressed a blogger journalist for four hours and 40 minutes for a four-year term, leaving Carmen for four years.

Since 2006, Qi about three-hour, at least Q & A, 10 minutes-epic film "titanium" screening length.

Things of wisdom
Think of the same position as well as the same artists who reflect Putin in real time.

The president said, "A leader should not be like a serpent who has hardly exploited his tooth herbs, and all state surveillance becomes dirty, in which ugarches are golden fish." The last journalist told reporters.

Pakistan has begun to hit South Africa

BENONI: Pakistan will be the second day of Thursday in the Olias Moore above the above 2/02 against its sole Übungsniveau Südafrikanesch.

Pakistanis scored 31 wickets with the trail on 316 runs in the innings.

On the next day, young master Tikri Josh Richards and Marques de Ackerman's first date came to Pakistanis after he came to the men till he finally got his innings on 318/7.

The Bassmanine opening Richards, which is 20 on Thursday, is the four representative Ranny's century and is run by the 98th what he has done. 22, the invitation captain Akkerman, did not leave 103 before the game before the game. The tournament is two for any wicket on the village.

Richards have been playing on a list of hundreds of Guard Provinzialteam, südafrikleche secondary competition plays two two centuries back.

They have 98 supplies, including 11 riders, and Azhar Ali, the spider participating with them. Akmaline has 14 six and six sixs on 132 balls.

Pakistanis defeated two balls with Ali and middle player Fahim Ashraf

The match is not the first edition, as both teams can use 15 players with 11 flights in 11 balls.

The fast bowler Mohammad Abbas, who was dismissed, played an important role in the three-match Test series on December 26. He sees the fight for the first test and the fitness of the Stewart.

South Africa Invitation Xion: The Marques of Ackerman (c), Matthew Breetzke (W), Tshepang Dithole, Simon Tomari, from Thandolwethu Mnyaka, Rialdo Maun Samui, Tsepo Ndwandwa, Onke Nyaku from Yeshua Richards, Kelly Summons, Robin Trumpelmann, Lwandiswa Zuma

Pakistan: Imam Al-Haq, Fakhar Zaman, Babar Azam, Azhar Ali, Sarfraz Ahmed (W / C), Shan Masood, Harris Sohail, Asad Shafiq, Mohammad Rizwan, Yasir Shah, Shadab Khan, Mohammad Abbas, Hassan Ali, Muhammad Amir, Ashraf, Shahin Afridi

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Is Yemen finally on the way to peace?

Dubai / Adnan (Reuters) - The United Nations Shuttle Diploma in Western Pressure has half a week and Yemen's peace has been half-frozen when a fighting fortress part of Krichsparteuren in Luxembourg City's content material frozen last week's battles and forces.

The challenge is hazarded back from Hodeidah to secure a managed rally, a million Yemeni against Hongerr, aarmt mountainous relief worker's circle among the parties.

At the same time, at the end of the conflict, a framework for broad-war efforts and political negotiations will have to introduce an important discussion.

About 4-year-old war, Tens getötscht who revolted Iranian Ausgeriichtte brave group of thousands of people and another Jemeni camps, who replaced Abd Rabbu Mansour tried to rebel against the coalition instead of Coalition coalition koalitiouns.

Haathat, who debuted in the closing of Koalitioune through the implementation of the Hadiidah warrior from the capital Sinai 2014, Tuesday.

Koalitiouns leader Saudi Arabia and United States and the United Arab Emirates Journalist Jamal Khashgig, under the pressure of the Saudi Alliance, to pursue the war to pursue Riaz after Saudi Arabia's martyrdom and intelligence, Sunni Muslim deduction alliance.

Why is this way hidden?

This and sweeping central center of the fight for 30 million people, this year fits a worldwide worldwide fear of line-up in a complete slip and collective graves. War and the so-called economic power left 15.9 million people to stay in touch with severe hunger.

The de-house currently controls the city. The Allies made an offensive to the Yemeni army to start the port of the port. Their goal is to cut the group's main line and weaken the group.

One of the unions, whose military soul was hidden was befeieren like the beach in Red, seems to be one of the main trades in world oil tankers.

Alliance is the southern port of Aden in 2015 and collected a ports of ports on the western coast, but controlled by most cities and towns in Hamed Yemen, Sudan and Hodeidah.

Analysts say that the recovery of the agreement is essential that withdrawal of all the difficulties of the Alliance's Dynamics as Hodeidah can be used on the basis of its campaign for justification.

Thanks stock

Graphics said Friday on Thursday that the "portable day" will be returned from the port of the port and subsequently from the city. International surveillance will be used to return to all the forces for 21 days.

The United Arab Emirate has thousands of Yemeni forces masséiert - South Separaturen, Küsteschrume celebrated by the local units of Red Rope and a Battalion celebrated by the former President of a Neef Ali Ali Saleh - in the area of ​​Hodeidah.

American American Vice Commander, who used two pages, will control the resignation of forces. The UN said that this port would be a major role, but the deal was not implemented which will go out of the city.

In statements that describe the risks of bloody body and hurdle, every page said that the city will be under control.

Graphics UN The retired Dutch Major General Patrick Cammaert began the security, which urges the immediate supervision of the government deplizéieren to the Entschlossenung security.

Flight partner Sanaa and central bank support, also works for the conflicts of peace outside of peace negotiations.

What is the status?

The second round of negotiations is the revenge due to the talks.

The House, who is not in the south, wants to make an insight into Yemen's government and want to make the country a breeze in the north.

Analysts say Saudi Arabia wants to live with the Houthi political role as they progress. Riaz says it does not want Lebanon's movement on the borders of the Iranian Alliance Hizbullah.

"Forward, joining key groups, has been concluded from the trial so far, it will be important to move," said Adam Baron of the European Union Council.

Yemen's armed groups and parties, many of whom have been killed, have been growing more than 2015 and are all alien. The warrior also resumed the old tribe between North and South Yemen, in 1990, the oldest country in the same year as former President Saleh

The report has been removed from more than 17,000 Pakistani countries in 2018

Islamabad (News) - A complete report of Pakistani Pakistanis under 2018 has been released by Dawn News.

According to this report, more than 17,000 Pakistaniis were excluded from various countries in 2018.

According to the report of the 2018 report, 4913 Pakistaniis from Iran, 876 from Turkey, 241 from Greece, 476 from Oman and 15 from Spain were reported as the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) report.

Documents show that different officials charge 603 people, arrested 134 people, the court ordered. Rs. 10 crore has been re-selected 8.5 crore.

According to the report, the anti-trafficking cell 505 was arrested, and new cases were introduced in 1612 this year.
Apart from this, cases of 1294 challenge in the court were introduced and 46 have been raised.

The FIA ​​Immigration Wing has sent four fours to the Interior Ministry.