Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Fake Accounts Scheme: JIE results can be trusted very large

Islamabad: Fälschungsaccounts of commonly recognized Steam have a legal recommendation and around 172 institutions around the court against some 415 key, which allegedly transit around around 220 billion through which 104 and fake accounts markets.

During the JIT procedure race, investigators 620 people are giving the final Fonktionnäre offer finalized with a JIT report, after the 9th September, 2018 curriculum, and that approximately 7 with more than 10 volume Were available from 500 pages. In the report on Wednesday, ultimately the details of more than 70 keywords and their property start profiles abroad. The sealed report was made on Monday by the Supreme Court (December 24).

JIT and its report Villamil's results in four parts have been almost completed by the Scisson analysis of false accounts - the Pakistan Security Exchange Commission (SECP) records of organizations and people from Pakistan's President (SICP) The SBP) Bundesamt (FBR) and intelligence agencies of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), have submitted all the contracts available from Sindh Government to the questions of partially recorded queries that are not yet under Legual Legal Assistance. Potential and further investigations are needed for information on source reports.

The biggest part of the information, Fake Account Saga, the commitments of JIT's duties, which have been acknowledged for different features in former Brussels and Paris for the owner of former President Asif Ali Zardari except "12-3 Blvd" Nieuport, 1000 Brussels CHAUSSEE DE MONTAIN, 1670 BRUSSEL AND LA MANOIR DE LA REINE BLANKS AND FEATURES. "

JIT 620 witnesses, indicating where 470 witnesses and their statements have directly revealed or through their recovery of the resources, the sources have revealed. Some complains or response to IIT notifications in order to be abroad or abroad. FBR, SECP, SBP, Sindh government and NAB won records of 210 organizations / companies recorded in 75 meetings by supporting over 230 Regierungsbeamten.

The jet has also investigated about 20,000 transactions. Former president Asif Ali Zardari has nominated members of Sindh Assembly Faryal Talpur, President of PPP, Bossu Bhutto Zardari, Mustafa Memon, Navy Zain Malik, Abdul Ghani Majeed, Masood Aslam, Anwar Mujahid, Col. (Asad) Zaidi, Ghulam Qadir Marri and Ashraf D Baloch were formed by the GIT, who write their statements with a report.

Geschäftsvolumina of Zardari Group Private Limited, Omni Group has provided an International, M / s Navy Town Karachi, M / S Iqbal Metals Kingerete Project Management Pvt Ltd, Lucky International Ltd. and other prominent Administrators Sindh Active Report. A volume on the basis.

The FBR has occurred about NAB, FIA, Nadra, State Bank, SECP and all related records, but the JIT report government has still said that Sindh has all completed in Ofdreiwungen.

JIT Volume IV also volume Rs4.14 million, 29 June 2015 belonging to a fake account M / s's Bilawal House's M / s Logistic Trading 'Daily' restaurant for food sector. The report also paid $ 1.54 million for Gewässervlamm on April 20, 2015 D-30, block 3, a fake account of Cliffton M / s Royal International, located in Karachi after a family located in Privatbank.

In the report it also explained that Zardari Group Private Limited, a Privatbank in Karachi, maintained a sum by 'M / s Lucky International account' 12120-311714135-339 '.

JIT and recommendations suggested that equity equations with some JIT key beschloe, as well as assets binding for abroad.

The JIT allegedly investigated that the Bank Court NAB, the FIA ​​court was based on the results of the DIIT, whether it was said or not. In the JIT report, in a series of events in the wrong investigations, the Zardari's house was also signed by a bill of 8.1 billion a huge desire and its fake accounts. Mushtaq Ahmed, 37, was known as one of the members of the former staff of Former President Zardari who has 2014-15 expertise in pushing the state with Zen country through a common fake account in Privatbank in Karachi.

Directorate General (Akhtarak Crime) Ahsan Sadeq as Director General and started research, where F. F. Senior Officer Imran Latif Mawasas, State Bank Majid Hussain, Director NAB Nauman Aslam, Director, Special Division, SEC in directors P. Muhammad Afzal and Intelligence Intelligence (ISI) Brigadier Shahid Parvez were after the investigation.

Summit Bank Chairman Nasir Abdullah Lootah Ansari Sugar Mills Private Limited (Anwar Mujahid, Ali Kamal Majeed), Omni Polymer Packages Pvt Ltd, Pure Ethnol Pvt Ltd, Chamber of Chamber

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