Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Gasps, gauge and cabbage: Q & A look

Russian President Vladimir Putin held the 14th press conference on the end of the century with the power of the century.

Big changes, Marathon Fro-a-Answer Sessions have made fair share of incredible moments in these years.

Here's the look at AFP comedy and drama.

The tragic problems of the poster conferences are still difficult to find a "fun".

Seeds are generally incredible and humble, as it announced that in 2017 they announced Russia's monitoring of military production.

A boy receives his military father, his knife is closed for monitoring. Dad says "yes, it's a good surveillance". "And when the rescuer is coming tomorrow, take the whole family and control your elder sister, you can go out and say - it's time for Moscow ..." "

Perhaps 2013 will be a dramatic press conference period after the end of 2013, when Putin has confirmed the explosion of a group of journalists that he will punish Prosecutor Evaluation Mikhail Khadokovskiy.

"He was imprisoned for more than ten years," he said as the richest person from Russia, as long as he does not suffer from Crete's fate.

At the press conference, many journalists will start making banners for Putin, although questions from Krystalline will be sent already.

An unchanged exchange between President and Journalists came in 2012, when Putin is a journalist when he is faced with corruption, to know as "you".

"Visa Viva," she asked with her family name - as "Don" equivalent to the American President. This moment was a memon soon.

The annual media conference has focused more on the shadow of the shadow.

Longest in 2008, Putin addressed a blogger journalist for four hours and 40 minutes for a four-year term, leaving Carmen for four years.

Since 2006, Qi about three-hour, at least Q & A, 10 minutes-epic film "titanium" screening length.

Things of wisdom
Think of the same position as well as the same artists who reflect Putin in real time.

The president said, "A leader should not be like a serpent who has hardly exploited his tooth herbs, and all state surveillance becomes dirty, in which ugarches are golden fish." The last journalist told reporters.

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