Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Gender equality in work for more than 200 years: WEF

Women may have a long time for equal treatment and salary, but a report on Tuesday said that there were several times for sex and jobs worldwide for centuries.

The World Economic Forum (WF) report has shown that, in 2017, the world was removed globally globally in a decade when the revenues improved.

However, it has been warned that women's differences in women were politically linked to more unequalities for political and education.

In current rates, sexual pairing around the world has not been closed in other areas of 108 years, while this work is expected to go out for 202 years in place of space.

The Geneva-based organization's annual reporter contends differences in gender and 149 countries in many areas: education, health, economic possibilities and political potential.

After the development of education, health and political representation, women have recorded WEFs in three areas this year.

Regarding the economic opportunity, the gender is one, although almost 51% of the world's difference can only be observed by 51 percent.

The number of women and leadership leaders increased by 34 percent worldwide, WEF said.

But at the same time, the report shows that today the proportion women are like men in Belgium and have an impact on women's traditionally women 's work.

Ww said that women have significantly growing and growing areas in the fields of employment, science, technology, engineering and mathematical skills.

He has particularly women's participation in artificial intelligence field where he only works 22 percent.

Important regional differences

"This difference is three times greater than the comparison of three talent pools," WWW said.

"In addition to more than three alliances, women and AE are less likely to position in high-quality roles," he said, "there is a need for clear steps for the active measures to prevent gender depth in other fields where the AI The skill is getting more and more. "

The situation is different in different countries and regions.

For example, in the European European countries, gender can be promoted within 61 years, this report is found in the Middle East and North Africa countries in 153 years.

In the north of Luxembourg, Nordic countries prevail at the top of the table: Norway and women were in Iceland, with Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan and finally Yemen's largest aid is covered.

France was generally the best and the 12th place under the global economy of 20 countries, then Germany ranked in the 14th position, 15th of the England, Canada 16th and South Africa on 19th.

The United States left their deficit and defeated 51 places in two places, with a report, especially the gender party's disappointment at the mineral level.

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