Wednesday, December 12, 2018

It creates terrorism

Terrorism is the use of violence for public or government terrorism for political, religious, or political purposes. The lack of terrorism has become a global concern and in many parts of the world suffering from violent terrorist attacks. Without worrying about the lives of people, the terrorists continue to act without worrying, leaving the path of death and destruction, wherever they choose to strike them.
There are many terrorist attacks in India, which resulted in the loss of lives and properties. Here we provide you with some relevant anti-terrorism issues under different categories in different words. You can select any of them as you need:


Terrorism has caused a serious threat to Indian unity and integrity. Terrorists are trying to achieve their goals by creating a threatening atmosphere with Indian terror. The major regions linked to Indian terrorism include Jammu and Kashmir, eastern and midwestern India (Naxalism) and Sisters seven (northeast).

It creates terrorism:

Unemployment is one of the biggest problems terrorists create for young people by creating simple things. As a result, young people should spread hatred, and go into blood and murder in the street.

The poverty of raising young people in economic and economic poverty is ISI's aim, because they can overcome them to meet their needs for ease.

Wide Center: India has already been among the 10 major world-threatening countries in the world. In addition to such terrorist acts as the states of Jammu, Kashmir, Punjab, Tripura, Assam, Nagaland and Manipur, there are several Naxalite terrorists, which came from western Naxalbari. Bengal is moving away from non-citizens of this village. This movement was soon spread across the country.

Currently, there are various terrorist groups operating in the country in a bad way with their members seldom recognized. Authorities have established partnerships with other international terrorism organizations organized worldwide for ammunition and ammunition in various countries for the uprising of the people.


Poverty and unemployment are among the major causes of the rise in terrorism in India. If we want to stop terrorism, we need to address the problems that have led to the radicalization of young people in different parts of the country.

Terrorism means violence (or threatening violence) aimed at ending terrorism to achieve religious, economic, political, or political goals, in the light of the protection of the victims.

According to a report issued by the Earth Charter Initiative in 2014, India has been among the 10 major terrorist countries.

The cause of terrorism in India

There are many reasons for terrorism in India. First of all, there are political reasons for continuing terrorism in India. This is seen in the North-East. The state government there failed to control and export immigration from Bangladesh.

Economic issues help terrorism in India. These include unemployment in the rural areas, the use of non-governmental personnel from land owners and non-renovation of land reforms. The major states including these include Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. Land reforms, rural worklessness, use of non-governmental workers and landowners, economic concerns and social injustice in these states resulted in extremist terrorist groups such as Marxist / Maoist supporters of the state. government.

Thirdly, religion leads to terrorism in India. The Punjab noted the continuation of terrorism when Sikh groups led Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, who raised Khalistan, a non-governmental organization for Sikh. Something from various organizations has turned to terrorism to establish a land called Khalistan to the Sikh. In addition, Jammu and Kashmir rebelled against religious religions that sought to suit all rights to most Muslims.

The terrorists in India

International Intelligence Intelligence: Among them, it is mentioned that it may be transferred from the Intelligence Office, a local intelligence agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the Research and Conversation, a medical officer under the Secretariat of the Assembly; the Defense Security, and the military chiefs.

Security agencies are injured

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