Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Law prices are about privacy on Facebook

Facebook posted on daily because it was against the case against privacy violations, data related to the Donald Trop 2016 campaign, and how a new report shows That more data partner as well recognized.

Under the social network weight, the fast-by-side shares of 7.25 percent has been $ 133.24, and is also the following.

The Washington Attorney's Attorney General's complaint is probably the first part of an American American cemetery, which is the result of the kidnapping of the world's largest social network for data.

"Facebook did not protect the privacy of its customers and wrote that their data is accessible and how it was used." General Rassen Rosson said in a statement.

"Like a Facebook Camera Analysis, applications for companies and other third-party applications apply for personal data without the permission of the department are a risk of a hype."

The entire house in the Supreme Court in Washington, apologized to ensure that Facebook uses consumer protection to use user data and makes it easier to access users' confidentiality. Control Consumer Maintenance

Facebook has said that they will review the complaint and discuss the dialogue with the OOC and the Director General for the DC.

The social network has assured that 8 million users have taken data from the Cambridge analysis, in which the news was completed weeks after the use of private users.

Assistant Broble, who works on the Trap's presidential campaign, said that the Facebook data used to develop consumer profiles is targeted with personal messages that have killed their fears.

Scandal has made a series of investigations and emphasized on Facebook how to use data with third parties.

Sharing with 150 partners
The New York Times reported that with strong partners like 150 companies - such as Amazon, Microsoft, Networks and Spotify - can find detailed information about Facebook users, such as their friends.

According to the documents seen by Times, Facebook Bing Bing has the ability to read micro-message Microsoft has allowed users to designate nominated and Netflix and Spotify without interruption.

The report states that Amazon can inform users' use of contact through their friends, and can see electricity from Yahoo friend banners.

Though some stores initially had returned in 2010, Times said they were active in 2017- and nothing was available this year too.

On Wednesday, Facebook went back against the franchise so that select partners should be asked carefully to find out deals for finding characteristics like friends to hear Spotify or Netflix.

"Last day, we have accused people of knowing our partners for private people," said Facebook's Vice President Product Executive Amirbabong in a blog post.

"This is not true."

Apps are used for proper technical access to publish files and money such as files and money.

"Why read / read / write / delete?" Arckbong has asked the statements.

"It was its feature."

Experiment votes were usually discussed and available only when people use Facebook on their social network.

Arcbone said "The third party has read your private message or has written your friends without your permission".

The head of Facebook developer platforms and programs, Constantinople Populates, has indicated that more features have now gone.

Netflix reads the Spotify message
Netflix said that this feature is used to make streaming movies "more social", to facilitate user recommendations for friends, but lost in 2015.

"There is no moment, we've closed people on Facebook on private calls or need us," a statement said.

Spateet responded with the music service as well "" Users can not read private messages in our current integration privately. "

Reference to the New York Times, the Canadian Bank's RBC said, "The issue with Facebook was limited to" service development, which enables customers to facilitate transactions for their Facebook friends ", and They will be in 2015. what happened

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