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Terrorism is illegal activity by organizations without the permission or use of unnecessary violence to create fear and fear among the common people in order to achieve their goals, including human, social, and social goals , religion, politics, and ideologies.


The days of people are afraid of terrorism and terrorism at all times. It is warm as it is a social issue. Here we provide written documents about terrorism for students. The Essay Terror written here is easy and easy English.

Terrorism is the law of terrorism that terrorists use to make people afraid. Terrorism has become a social issue. It has been used to threaten the public and the government. Use of terrorism uses non-governmental organizations, politicians and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals in a simple way.

Terrorist terrorists are called terrorism terrorists. Explaining terrorism is not as simple as it deepens its roots. Terrorists have any law and law; use terrorist acts that they want to create and promote terrorism in society and in the world.

Terrorism has become a major international problem in the world. It is the subject of the world that directly affects all nations around the world directly or directly. Since many terrorism activists have challenged terrorism. terrorists support one another. Terrorism is a terrible act of terrorism at any time a day or a day. Terrorists have the aims of policies such as spreading violence in the community, achieving political goals, and so on. They make civilians their country's first goal.

Some examples of terrorism are bombs of the US Embassy, ​​bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and so on. The main objective of the terrorist is that the government has implemented their special needs. They consult online media or newspapers, magazines, etc. to spread voices to the public and the government. At times, terrorist attacks have been carried out to fill religious goals and ideology.

India is the developing world that has faced many challenges behind and now, terrorism that has a major problem. He faced challenges such as hunger shortages, misunderstandings, poverty, inequality, terrorism and terrorism that have continued to grow until now.

Terrorism is a major threat to the government and the public for the purpose of religion, motherland, and other negative reasons for terrorists. Terrorists call themselves heroes yet, they are not really. The military does not harm anyone and fight only to protect their country from the enemy. Military forces are fighting against the goal of a community. Whereas terrorists are fighting to fill their own, with people and bad reasons.

A national soldier is fully responsible for all his activities yet terrorists do not do so. Terrorists have a reputation for terrorism. Earlier, terrorism was limited to certain areas such as Jammu and Kashmir. now-to-date, spread to almost all areas in most parts of northeastern India. Recently, terrorism in India has been in Taj's house and Nariman's house in Mumbai. During this attack, Indians lost lives and lost money.

Terrorism is a major national issue that uses human thinking to achieve ultimate success. Terrorism threatens human thinking to weaken them to reestablish the country. Must be solved at international level. We should think about terrorism together to finish it from the root. We should make a major goal to completely eliminate his sovereignty and eliminate the terrible terrorism from the hearts of people. Terrorism uses democratic methods to achieve the goal and achieve a positive effect.

Terrorism is the violence perpetrated by the terrorist organization. They have become so many that they have neglected their attention because of the disasters of disasters or misconduct along with some who have failed to meet their needs in tradition and in the interests of others. They are gradually considered to be under the influence of some unkind people in society who are promised to meet all needs. They meet and are terrorist organizations to fight their communities, communities and communities. Terrorism affects all young people and continues their development.

It has brought the country many years of good progress. Terrorists rule in the country like Britishers, from where we need to be free. However, it is likely that terrorism will continue to build its foundation for expansion because some wealthy people in our country are supporting them to fill out the wrong policies.

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