Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Luminous out, stress leads to more companies to try four-day work week

Berlin (Reuters) - Work for four days and weeks, but played for five?

It looks great to reach, but companies in the world who work on their workshops show that high-level production, more encouraging staff and demand for less fire.

"This is a very healthy and we are not crazy hours different, so a better job," provided 10-day staff for four days in a week by Jan Schulz-Hofen, founder of Planio from Berlin Projection Software. The member said earlier this year

In New Zealand, the Guardian's insurance company, the permanent guard captured the tension and went to strike and staff's commitment after 32 hours before this year.

In Japan, government companies also make it possible in the morning, although other systems in the workaholic country have to make it easier to convince employers.

By the end of the century, the British Trade Union Congress (TUC) is moving across the country during four weeks of support of opposition party Ferry.

TUC says that there is a brief week of short-term short work for workers in the prosperity of new technologies like workers and robotics, as they won during the weekend during the industrial revolution.

"This child and family of family life reduce the emphasis and improvement of sex talents." Already promised that companies will be better for productivity and staff, "TUC Wirtschaftskapitus Kate Bell said.


A wuessende consultant against Siley Green, trend results and consultant J. Walter Thompson, is emphasized by the wave of criticism of the plant Tesla owner Alon Kastori, said that no one has 40 hours per world. That "said Saturday".

Green said, "People write a step back from the 24-hour digital life that we have to connect to the mental health issues in society."

Short surveillance of 3,000 employees in the United States, Britain, and Germany, about half a half, their work for five hours a day and cook what they do not have, but have thought that 40 more hours Weekly - The way the United States is with, 49% said they had to go for an extra time.

"It's broken. Because you always have technology, so that people will always burn you, work," said Dr. Schawbel, Exekutiventscheedungshaus future workplace, which said the survey director.

36-year-old software engineer Schulz-Hofen used four days a week tested, as he developed Planio from the very working day, allowing his time in detail to follow his tools Schulz-Hofen Is.

"I do not have less work for less than five days, because you feel that you get more time in the last five days, you have to make more obstacles, with enough coffee or your peers," Schulz -Hofen said.

"I'm working with four days, I have to hurry, I have to pay attention to going on Friday Friday."

Sholves-Huffen and his team discuss various options on Monday on Monday. He dismissed the idea of ​​flexible hours, because he has managed the management competition, and he is cracking against five weeks.

Customers call on Friday to hear a good news so that no one in the office.

Schulz-Hofen said "We have an unexpected response from customers, our customers have not complained often, they were only sensitive."

Gray New York, an advertising agency organized by WPP, launched a program in April, with a four-week weekend employee up to 85% of its full-time salary.

Schawbel hopes to catch more firms and countries, but probably not their own: "I think America will be the last country to take our Paris morning, because we use this way."

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