Wednesday, December 12, 2018


India is a country full of cultures and celebrations. All times are on agriculture and people are enjoying it. In addition to the festivals, there are many things that happened in India without the festival season and even the culture that has been changed and is celebrated in public and government. These are the topics to spread on social issues and to help people develop.

Friday On Your Day
Pravasi Bhartiya Divas 21st to 23 January
The Watchtower December 11 to January
The True and True Health Day 2 to 10 January
World Youth Day on January 12th
Day of War Day 15th January
Date Months From 15 to 21 January
Chandra Bose's Subhas Advice 23 January
The Girl's Day is January 24
Indian Republic - 26 January 26 January
International Criminal Court 26th January
Daily health on January 30
The testimony of January 30
February Speaking of Your Day
World War II February
World War II Day
Export Release February 9 to February 14
Sunday 10th February
Valentine's Day 14 February
Central America February 24
Science Day on February 28
March on the Day of Judgment
Day Security Day on March 4
World Women's Day on March 8
Dandis March March 12
World War Day March 9
Ordinary Factories Day 18th March
World War on the Elimination of Social Unrest 21 March
World War Day on March 21
World War II March 22
Martyrs Day 23 March and 30 January
World War II on March 23
World TB Day on March 24
April Christian Day of Peace
Prevention Daylight 1 to 7 April
World Health Day 7th April
Deadly Bagh Massacre 13th April
Ambedkar Jayanti 14 April
The 17th of the World Hemophilia
World War II 22 April
Day of April 23th
Price Range Date
World Day on May 1
Day 3 Freedom Day
World Midwives Day 5th May
World's Asthma Day 3rd May
World War Day on May 8
World War Day on May 8
World War II May 11th
May 14th May
World Nurses Day May 12
Family Day Day May 15
World Trade Leaders' Reports on May 17
The world never came on May 31
Friday Friday on Celebration
Milky Day World Day
World War II was a rally on 4th June
World Environment Day 5th June
World War Day 8th June
World War Day 14th June
World Sickle Cell Day 19 June
June 20
Yoga World Day 21 June
World War on the Abuse of Trade Violence June 26
Today is Friday Day Celebration
Doctors Day National 1st July
World Population Day on July 11
Approval of the State on July 22
World AIDS Day 28 July
August Friday Celebration Day
Earth Charter Day 1 August 7 to August
Worldwide World War II on August 9
Organ Donation Day 13th August
Independence Day - 15 August 15th August
World War II August 19
Sadbhavana Diwas 20th August
World Population Day on August 21
Sightseeing Home Buildings 25 to August 8 to September
The 29th World Cup
Satumba Day Day
Business Management and Management 1 September to 7 September
The 5th day of September 5th teacher
World Education Day on September 8
Hindi Diwas 14th September
Date of engineering on September 15
Sanchayika on September 15
World Ozone Day on September 16
Last World War on September last September
World Day Day on September 27
World Heart Day 29th September
October Business Diagnostics Framework
Worldwide Special World Day of October
World Day for Youth 1 October
Gandhi Jayanti 2 October
Anti Untouchability Week 2 to 8 October
WildLife Week 2 to 8 October
Monday's October World Day
World Day Day on October 4
Air Force 8 October
October 9, October
World War II on October 11
World War Day for 11th October
World War on October 14
Sunday School October 15
World Food Day 16th October
World Health Day on October 24
World War Day 30th October
National Day on October 31
November Day Day
All Saints Day 1st November
World War II 1 November
Tsunami Tsunami Tsunami tsunami tsunami tsunami tsunami tsunami tsunami tsunami tsunami tsunami tsunami tsunami tsunami tsunami tsunami tsunami tsunami tsunami
World Science and Peace Institute 9 to 14 November
The case

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