Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Nawaz's security guards sent a 14-day judicial remand to attack the cameraman

ISLAMABAD: Security guards from former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif have been killed in a 14-day trial for a private Congress cinema singer Wajid Ali Shah Tuesday.

Mansoor and Mohsin have created a civil war in Islamabad. Judge, he likes to bring the court to the police.

The prosecutor requested a hearing on the hearing, according to which the court sent the notice to the police.

The incident case was signed under section 2-506 and 355 in the secretariat police of the camera's registrar.

Sharif's three security bail, which included prominent members of Shakoor, was nominated by the FIR, which brought the victims to Chief Security Assistance.

In the past, in the past, a private channel had been tortured by the revelation of the media during a media debate in a Lens Parliamentary Parliament, where Shahbaz Sharif's brother reached Sharif.

The return of the disadvantage has come when Nawaz Sharif brings the responsibilities to the court and the replacement of the Federal Ship Reference Court takes place. The security record of Nawaz Sharif's journalists has disappeared and writes a language. Nawaz celebrated with journalists, attractive on naval arcation and did not save any time.

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