Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Rohingya Finishing: No Returns

After fleeing the waves of violence, more than 900,000 members of Multan Rohingya Muslim minority have been injured in refugee camps near neighboring Bangladesh.

Reuters inquiry, the Myanmar government has investigated permanent operations of Rohingya Darwin.

Rohingya has demolished as they were not dismissed, with a group of about 2,200 Wues singles on November 15, except the Staatsbiderschaft Geginn has returned to their original homes that Myanmar has returned. Are planning

Hussain Ahmad says that it does not matter when he can not restore his country.

In a sheltered camp in Sittend Bangladesh, a sheltered camp in Kutupalong, he inspected satellite images of Hotel الدین, village where he was 73 years ago and was born in recent years. It's almost hidden. All Muslim houses are fortresses, but Buddha's houses are left. Ahmed shows that he stood once, a newly built second-hand structure. At its place it is a long red roof building.

"We have to leave the land five times - we have to return and then come back here, we are not fairly entitled to our rights (as our Myanmar citizen), we do not live in this country," he said. Said

Satellite images show dramatic change in areas where Rohingya once introduced the army before living in the western Rakhine state of Myanmar. In this northern part of the region, a Muslim majority is more Buddhist in the country.

Living in Rohingya, where new houses have been built in the village. Many of them were burnt, burned out and developed by the woods. The new features are basically some of Badakhshan, some of whom are under the control of Rehman. Security reasons also provide new infrastructure in these areas.

Myanmar is ready to withdraw refugees from January, the Ministry of Social Welfare, Support and Settlement, and Writers' Questions. He said in a statement that the government "tried to overcome all the physical and human efforts that faced the face of Rochkin State."

Other Islam, from Teng Bazaar, have now shattered 20 members of their wide family and a Capalpulang shelter camp. He has killed his 90-year-old mothers for several trips to Bangladesh. In Rhythin, he has the wealth of the pharmacists in Taung Bazaar. "When I ran away my business was flooding with medicines."

It now sells a small bamboo table medicine.

More Islam is currently located by Kredater flüchtegt, tax on two hectares of land, where now stands a cluster of middle green houses in their village of Taung Bazaar.

"In this picture, I see them at the buildings that are burnt and now they are building buildings." "Today we know that they have acquired all our homes and lands, but they did, we do not know it."

Reuters said that in the implementation of agriculture, value and irrigation, a government minister of Agriculture, Reuters said that the taxes of Noor Islam are really. However, since the authorities, Htut, have no Rohingya in Myanmar citizens, they will be "to negotiate with local authorities to withdraw their land or receive compensation."

Young Sangu is getting audiences in Singapore in August that Myanmar is pursuing "ready, safe and deserving" payment of Rohingya. Return from a few refugees is possible, as Myanmar attempts to avoid international pressure on the crisis.

"We are not sure that there are certain conditions that are correct for the return of learning. However, if Pension is so, he must be sure, reputation, and on a voluntary basis," a UN spokesman Faris Imam Khattab .

The clear picture of the changes in the land has been shot, but because of the ban on the area. To plan Rohingya's Myanmar, Reuters analyzed the satellite map last year's region and an illegal re-registration card from the government. The reporter also interviewed the representatives of national and government opposition officials interviewing politicians, donors, refugees shelter in Bangladesh and also refugees in northern Rohingya in Rohingya.

According to local officials and new residents, the government builds a new home in northern Maidan and helps to solve Buddhism. This campaign is sponsored by nationalists on Wednesday, which wants to establish a Buddhist majority in this area.

Yanghai Li, Yu. Special reporting issues in human rights in Myanmar, Reuters claims that measures of Myanmar authorities

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