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Terrorism: A rally in India

Terrorism is an issue of violence perpetrated by a person (traders) or members or members of the state, for human affairs, crimes or political reasons. Those suffering from terrorism today are chosen as elect or brand (markers or markers) from a large number of people and serve as message makers.

India has long been suffering from terrorism. India's terrorism says Pakistan has provided special support through its intelligence and Intelligence Intelligence Agency (ISI). Since July 2016, the Indian government has provided information on a series of terrorist attacks in India since 2005 that killed more than 707 people and died more than 3,200, indicating that Pakistan I entered.

Left: The favorite team

The theory of evolution is a strategy used by terrorist organizations whether religious or non-religious organizations can be redeemed. They try to get some to accept their needs by stealing. For example, members of the Khalistan Commando Force, members of Sikh's terrorist group, were kidnapped by members of the Sikh group in New Delhi in 1991. Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front also kidnapped several migrants. Israeli perspective in J & K in 1992.

World Groups

Terrorist groups are linked to terrorism groups in their respective countries. For example, Indian Marxist groups include Maoist Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh groups. Kashmiri militants are terrorists, affiliated with religious groups, extremist and jihadist militants of Pakistan. It is also the connection between Islamic Muslims (SIMIs) and jihad in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Foreign overseas have financial support and are actively supporting domestic violence groups and morals. In the heydays, the Khalistan group in the Punjab found a solution with the Sikh party in the United Kingdom and Canada and continued rapidly. Mirpuris, refugees from Kashmir, Pakistan, live in western Germany, being called to help Kashmiri groups in all directions. Similarly, Marxist groups in India have been encouraged and supported by Marxist people in the Indian regions.

The causes of terrorism

There are many reasons for terrorism in India: politics, economy, and religion.

A political definition of terrorism was found in Tripura and Assam where politics led to terrorism after state governments did not pay attention to the illegal export of illegal Muslims from Bangladesh. Terrorists are often known for girls and citizens who do not want to be able to work with refugees.

Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh are examples of Indian economics. Things such as unemployment in the rural areas, the use of endless workers and the lack of structural reforms led to an understanding of the great social injustice. All of this has led to conflicts of organizations like Marxist / Maoist groups that fight against the state.

One example of religious terrorism is the development of Sikh militants in Punjab to establish a Sikh ethnic group called Khalistan. In Jammu and Kashmir, a dream of a Kashmir country has led to many Muslim groups including India.


Terrorist acts have a serious impact on any country, India does not exist. Terrorism is a major threat to the unity and integrity of the community. Organizations, media and political parties must be the basis for the fight against terrorism in unity and unity. We must show the world that we have no complaints about how to deal with any terrorism on the ground.

Terrorism can be defined as terrorism or violence on the part of criminals, groups or state players to kill death, injury or damage to property, or put terror among victims. Terrorism seeks political protest, philosophy, ideology, racial, ethnic, religious, or religious backgrounds.

People suffering from serious violence are selected from many people to make a message. Terrorism has caused a serious threat to Indians.

Terrorism: A rally in India

[Indian identity has been fighting terrorism since independence. Jammu and Kashmir are concerned that Pakistan uses it as a means of fighting against India. The North West region is part of the terrorist extremist group. Also, the people faced the problems they had had in the Punjab during the eighty years, yet the situation has changed in the past.

The purpose of terrorism

Political issues have led to violence and terrorism in Assam

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