Thursday, December 13, 2018

The boy who is too much

They were 14-year-old blind children, angry and alone. Then he discovered that he was a strange and awesome superpower that put him into the FBI cross-ball.

He started, just as he did, with a phone call up to 911. "Listen here," Caller demanded, front of his voice. "I have two people here, right? Now, you know what will happen to people who are hostile? They do not like movies or anything, do you think?"

"Well," said 911 operator.

"One of them is Daniel, and his father," Caller continued. "And that is why I am doing this because his father emphasized my sister."

Caller, who recognized himself as John Defanno, said that his 18-year-old was Daniel and his father tied his secretary in Colorado Springs, security in his house. He hit father with his gun. Defanno warned that "he is especially running blood." "I am armed, I have pistol. If any police comes to this house with any guns, I will shoot them. I'll get some help here because I'm just going to psychologically."

The 911 operator tried to put it in line, but Defanno reduced the phone. "I'm not talking now," he said. "Your address. If I do not help here right now, in the next five minutes, I swear to reduce God, I'll shoot them." At that time the line died.

Officers have passed home, ready to stand armed with a suspicious suspect. But when they reach, they have no sinner, no community, no blood. Daniel and his father were safe and sound at home. He never heard of John Defanno, for good reason: he did not exist.

"John Defanno" was actually a 15-year-old boy named Mathew Wigman, a thick, single-alone child who lived with a mother in a laboratory of Central Boston. In the person, Weigman was a shy and strange teenager with a shaved head who pulled his room in his room, talking to the telephone chat lines often for 20 hours a day. On the phone, she became "Lily Hacker", "a small band of telephone vintage", called "Forex", became the most skilled member. To punish Danel, who had annoyed him on the chat line, Weigman 911 had called a psychiatrist, to stop his collar's identity to look like Daniel's internal call. It is a challenge known as SWAT teams to make your enemies reimburse - it is a challenge - and phreakers like Weigman have used to prevent some 200 false false attacks in dozens of cities across the country.

"When I was a kid, I was calling a pizza at a priest's house," says Kevin Kollby, FBI Assistant Special Agent. "Today it is."

Like a comic book villain converted by a comedy accident, Weigman discovered at an early age that he seriously emphasized the telephone. They track any sound, remember the phone number by the sound of the button and describe the internal functions of a phone system by frequency and click on the call, in which they "sing" Refer to Order order lines are disconnected and even home-made phones. He says, "Man, a little child was very beautiful. "" Someone said something bad about me, and I'll press a button, and I'll meet them. "

But finally, weigman fearing them that their gift will prove to be their lack. Wigman said Jeff Daniels, a former freighter on a chat line, says "Matt makes a person never become a person." "When you are a blind little tubby naughty child in the broken ass's family, and you feel that you have the ability to do yourself, what are you expecting to do?"

Matthew Wigman created darkness, but he had only one strike against him. Her family was dirty. A witch, a witch who had a drug, will put a terrible mate across the floor by her hair and calls it "blind boat". His father left the family when Weigman was five, Matt and his elder brother and sister did Scrap in Disabled Pension and what his mother did as a nurse partner. For Weigman, every day was a struggle. "There were times when I hate darkness." In school, when they see their way through the hall, other children had control over their eyes how to control their eyes. They say "children can be cruel, because they do not understand what they are doing." "Whatever they are doing, they can not even start it, and eat these things in your mind."

At the age of four, Matt surprised his mother by making a polishing bulb on the Christmas tree. After this, he could have been able to know a lightweight light - and he exploited his ability to be able. He cooked himself around the kitchen, cooked himself, refused to fly there, throw, toast, and stop there. He disturbed his brother by hanging on the road using a greedy shadow to climb and bicycle. He also taught himself a skateboard. To build his trust, his mother's new husband, eight-year-old mate, drives his car near the empty parking in the sofa-duck, a nearby racquake. "He felt me ​​better," W.

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