Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The RDB Rhythm Rhythm Dust Boss Rides for Peace

Web Desk artists are known as peace ambassadors, especially in the South Asia region, where stress is more in two nuclear armed countries. Nerves play a positive role in music, movies and cultural exchanges, because nations enjoy art and music and represent fans on the two sides of the border.

Any political scene artists have created a special mixture and millions of prostrations during the borders. Asif and Asif, Fawad Khan, Ali Zafar, made the Bollywood waves like Indian and Pakistani artists, singers, actors and actors.

Bharat is the fertilizer of Punjab, which is always played and plays even before digital age. Various singer singer has played both of these signs for years. Initially there is no other addition to the trunk dust base, which is known as RDB, plays a mixture of Western and Punjabi buttons.

Laureates, famous for good music and cultural events, were served by RDB Melody in Chile in December. RDDB has made their voices to their local audience for their local community, and Gordadas has also worked with Snoop Dogg and T-Pain. He won the "Best Club DJ Burg" at the UK Asian Music Awards in 2003. This group will also be in the Burampton Walk of Fame.

The same member of the RJB inherited spouse has set a stage with his men with fireworks, which has an interview that raises power adjustment and light night. He has left the people with his dancer's dance tower and Pingali (Punjabi-English), and they are very happy to dance with their lyrics.

The cartarage approach was thrown into the hands of both sides of Punjab. "Singh is the king" song performance Siraj has made him a big indicator by the king, if all the kings and rows lie when the fist lies, there is no song for aggression, a symbol of peace and unity.

In a special message for Dawn News Surgeon, all his fans have thanked them for the repeat of peace use.

The world that was planted by wars and graves, where terrorism and security measures are difficult to come with RDD, provided a very important message of peace and it is also provided properly. .


Saadia Ali

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